Ailas has experience and knowledge in the working of different industries. This helps provides the most
appropriate solutions for customers from varied industries.

Steel, Metals & Forging

High Speed, safe and dependable solutions have helped various clients from the steel, metal, and forging industry. Ailas provides solutions that are tailor-made while exposed to high temperatures for longer durations and heavy loads. Get in touch with us to find the right solution for your organization


With the newly launched AilasĀ® stacker crane, you can now utilize more floor space, and optimize your storage in your existing warehouse. Overcome the limitations of traditional solutions, while reducing your operating costs. Get in touch with us and find the perfect solutions for all warehouses and stores


Heavy loads at high Height of Lifts (HOL), precision positioning, jerk-free movement, anti-collusion device, and operator cabins are just some benefits you get through Ailas solutions while lifting materials involved in manufacturing transformers, control panels, generators, electrical motors, control panels, switchgear, or other equipment used in the electrical industry. Get in touch with us and see how our customers have reaped the benefit of the Ailas solutions.

Heavy Engineering & Fabrication

Ailas provides specialized solutions for Heavy Engineering and Fabrications Industry. Whether you have an existing shed or building a new one, we can help you provide a customized solution that will help increase productivity, reduce space wastage and reduce downtime. Get in touch with us and get the Ailas advantage today.


Through a customer to customer based solutions, Ailas has provided unique and highly beneficial solutions for their customers in the manufacturing industry. Companies engaged with us during the manufacturing plant planning stages have received faster returns on investments through lower engineering and structural costs. Get in touch with us and see how Ailas can benefit you today.


Ailas is the right choice for all sizes of Cement industries. We are able to manage, heavy loads at quick speeds, while ensuring safety through provisions such as anti-collision devices, weight indicators amongst others.