How to manage your spare parts more effectively ?

 Manufacturing Plant Maintenance / 25th May 2021 / 2 minutes of reading

Management of spare parts can be quite a challenge, particularly if you have different equipment, each with varied requirements –requiring a unique set of unplanned preventive maintenance parts.

Spares in equipment can also be quite costly and make a significant contribution to the maintenance budget.

  1. Identify the components needed for various maintenance tasks and try to estimate their utilisation over the coming months on the basis of the equipment schedule. This helps manage stock demands and costs more effectively. For several months, holding inventory does not require additional costs.
  2. You may want to examine the use of “just in time” inventory depending on your suppliers (suppliers). Order and get parts immediately before maintenance work is done. At the same time try to keep back work due to the fact that pieces do not exist. While costs of some parts may be substantial, they may be much lower than costs because of the loss of production or failure of the equipment.
  3. Try and categorise reliable suppliers for all components. 3. Poor components can lead to premature failure and extra maintenance. In order to identify suppliers of quality parts, maintenance records can be useful. Sometimes corporate procurement needs can dictate your choice of providers, but especially if you have statistics on vendor quality and reliable results, your procurement department can work.