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We are Hoist Manufacturer and Supplier

Unlike other similar companies that are predominantly in the fabrication business, Ailas are proud to have created certified, commissioned hoists. While our journey began from trading in hoists, we have managed to design, manufacture, test, and commission our very own, branded hoists. Just through the confidence of our customers, we have managed to even trademark our brand name.

We design hoists for all types of cranes and are suitable replacements for even international branded cranes.

Benefits of Ailas Hoists

Perfect Load Handling

Ailas hoists are designed with adequate safety features and also can be configured for optimum working. Complete range of hoists from 1 MT to 12 MT for all Single Girder applications and customized trolley arrangements for Double Girder applications.

Low Maintenance Costs

We use hardened and ground geared brake motors for the minimal wear and extended life. We use components from international brans like Bonfiglioli,MGM/I-MAK,SEW rope drums for durability & safety.

Flexible, Precise and Save

Optimal use of space, minimum lateral hook movement, low load swing for smooth load lifting.
Important Features

SWF Krantechnik Hoists

For those companies, who want to go in with a more known brand name, AESPL is also the Sole and Authorized distributor of SWF Hoists for Western and Southern India.

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