When should you decommission your equipment?

Business, Finance, Manufacturing Plant Maintenance / 28th May 2021 / 3 minutes of reading
Many organizations have equipment that are not just years but decades old. At many, there are quite a few that use machines that are over 100 years old! Just because the equipment is old, doesn’t mean they automatically qualify for a replacement. There are several factors to think about when to finally bid goodbye to a bit of kit.

Spare Parts

Are you able to still get spare parts? what is the cost annually in spare parts to keep the equipment running? You can easily track with detailed reports of spare parts used and costs over the year for various equipment.

Alternative equipment

Is the best equipment available? Sometimes although the equipment remains very functional it makes business sense to upgrade and buy newer equipment because maybe the productivity is higher or maintenance costs are lower

Repeated Breakdowns

is the equipment breaking down more frequently? Your maintenance team has records of all equipment breakdown and repairs. If you see trends that indicate the frequent breakdown of machinery or if the maintenance is more frequent, then it’s better to have the machinery replaced.

Quality Loss

Is quality being impacted. A key factor to also consider, to change your equipment, is if the quality of the products being made by the equipment is declining or if you getting lots of performance-related complaints despite regular maintenance? This is a clear indication of equipment that needs replacement but also can be it may also be a sign of poor maintenance practices. It is critical to review if there is a human error or machinery error and accordingly, the problem can be fixed.

Problematic Equipment

Are most of your time and maintenance budget being spent on just a couple of equipment? If you identify comparable equipment that requires less maintenance then simply retire the problematic equipment that is consuming most of your resources. Your maintenance team reports can assist you to pinpoint, which equipment has undergone how much costs over the years.

Right Team

does one still have the talents available to stay the equipment running in top condition? This is often especially of importance when handling very old and sophisticated equipment. Only one or two skilled people can keep the equipment running. The organization is so dependent on these people, that if they leave, or if they are unable to attend to their problem, then the organization is at a heavy loss. If only a few people are always called on to for maintaining a number of the equipment, then this is a big sign of skills shortage for a piece of particular equipment.

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